We have a dedicated team whose mission is to improve church engagement with its members and surrounding communities through marketing and branding interventions. Our aim is not to change or dilute your message but to systematically ensure your message:

  • Is clarified and refined
  • Reaches the right target
  • Resonates with your audience
  • Is delivered with excellence
  • Is engaging

We do the above through the following services we offer:

  • Developing Church CI (Logos, Letterheads, Templates)
  • Design Services (Posters, Signage, Welcome Packs)
  • Marketing Strategy Development (Long-term marketing vision and plans)
  • Rebranding services (Target market mapping)
  • Social Media Management (How to use social media for best results)
  • Website Development (easy to update or we can manage updates for you)
  • Marketing Consulting (diagnostic sessions and advice)
  • Marketing Training & Workshop (in-house management staff or volunteer training)

We can work with a church or organization of any size and race within South Africa. We aim to provide services that will ensure the church remains relevant for the challenges of today.